3d-fye benefits

Cutting Edge Sound Technologies for Consumer Electronics

The Benefits of 3D-FYE™ Technology

Benefits for the Consumer

  • Realistic, immersive home theater sound from a single, compact speaker system
  • Easy installation and setup (no calibration required)
  • Excellent high-fidelity sound
  • Enhances TV, movie and game experiences
  • Completes the 3D TV experience with corresponding 3D sound

Benefits for Marketing and Sales Executives

  • "Wow" factor. "3D For Your Ears" performance will generate excitement on sales floors
  • Media attention. "3D For Your Ears" will generate a "buzz" in magazines, reviews, blogs and forums
  • Provides powerful differentiation in a category starved for new technology
  • Enables sleek, trendy soundbar and sound dock designs
  • Produces best-in-class sound from thin, compact TVs
  • Fights commoditization and price erosion
  • Supports timely product introductions (no time-consuming code to write)

Benefits for the Electrical Engineer

  • Hard-logic design is quick and easy to implement
  • No programming required, no risk to development schedule
  • System Tools enable easy optimization of performance from a wide range of speakers
  • Compatible with existing audio signal ecosystems
  • IP core, chip and board-level solutions available
  • Reference designs and evaluation kits available
  • Full technical support available for silicon implementation

Benefits for the Mechanical Engineer

  • Scalable number of array speakers
  • Flexible array speaker locations
  • Solves "fit" problems in thin, compact designs
  • Full technical support available for acoustical design
  • Rapid prototyping available to demonstrate final sound quality at early design stage

People are talking

"The psychoacoustic manipulation is quite amazing. The first sound demonstration had me looking to my right for the speaker that was producing what I was hearing, but there was no speaker there. The sound actually originated from the sound bar straight in front of me. 

Some movie segments were played next. The sound was very spacious and quite enjoyable even as I got up and walked around. This technology is very promising for those consumers who don't want a bunch of speakers, associated wires and the high cost of traditional surround systems. Being used to a five-channel home theater with large speakers, I can't wait to hear this technology in a bigger sound bar with larger drivers. If it will sound like I think it will in a bigger sound bar this is going to simplify life for many a consumer and become a mini-revolution in home theater."

— Vincent Sauvé
Longtime audio enthusiast
Member, Bay Area Audiophile Society