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3D-FYE™ Silicon Solutions

Integrated 3D-FYE™ Chip Solutions Enable Rapid, Robust Development

Our product offering extends from ASIC IP cores to discrete ASICs, signal processing modules and complete audio systems. Our solutions enable TV manufacturers to integrate complete 3D Virtual Sound into thin, flat TV designs.  Soundbars and sound docks can also produce superior sound quality and enhanced multimedia experiences.

FPGA, ASIC chip and IP core solutions for Rapid Product Development
Input and Output

  • 8 audio input channels allow the processing of up to 7.1 formats, as four I2S input streams, from HDMI, HDTV tuners, surround decoders and A/D converters
  • Excellent virtual sound rendering with as few as 2 inputs
  • Up to 32 speaker array outputs, as sixteen I2S streams, for direct interface to Class-D digital power amplifiers or D/A converters

System Configuration /Adjustments

  • 56 parametric BIQUAD equalizer filters are available (7 per each of the 8 inputs). Low pass, high pass and bandpass/band-reject filter types are selectable, with independent adjustments for center frequency, gain, and Q
  • Independent input level adjustments with 1dB resolution are available for each of the 8 inputs
  • All filter and level adjustments are accessed through I2C
  • PC-based software drivers are available for filter and level configuration


  • IP core solutions for integration into system ASICs and multi-channel amplifier SoCs
  • ASIC and FPGA signal processors for specific applications
  • Board-level systems for custom applications

Internal Operation

  • 32-bit wide data paths with 67-bit accumulators
  • 48 KHz, 24 bits/sample, 64X oversampling, standard or left-justified I2S format
  • Standard 7-bit addressing, 2 bytes of address and 2 bytes of data, 400 KHz clock rate, I2C slave
  • Very low latency (<2mSec) avoids lip-sync issues

Scaling and System Design

  • 3D virtualization is effective with 8 - 16 speakers
  • 3D virtualization is spectacular with 16-32 speakers
  • Full 360-degree virtual sound coverage can be achieved with 2-array (front + rear) and 4-array (front + rear + left side + right side) systems
  • Up to 32 outputs can be divided to drive 2 or 4 arrays from one processor
  • Very good bass response can be achieved without a subwoofer
  • Works with nearly all dynamic speakers
  • Works with speaker array spacings in width, height and depth (accommodates planar, concave spherical and concave cylindrical array surfaces)

Simplified System diagram is shown below:

Processor Block Diagram

Small, Efficient, Silicon Footprint

  • Less than 200K ASIC gates for processing
  • Small sample storage minimizes processing delays
  • Direct connection to I2S inputs from HDTV tuners, HDMI sources and surround decoders
  • Direct connection to external power amplifiers with I2S inputs
  • Can be integrated with Class-D power amplifiers to create a 3D Virtual Sound SoC
  • Entire design tested and verified
  • FPGAs available for system prototypes and simulations
  • Enables rapid, straightforward product development (no code to write, test and debug)

Frequently Asked Questions 

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3d-fye speaker array

A 16-speaker array that meets the high performance requirements of a high-end home theater system.