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3D-FYE™ System Solutions for Rapid Development

System Solutions for Rapid Development

Infinite Algorithms has developed numerous prototypes, reference designs and development platforms. Our reference designs enable a systems engineer to quickly proceed to a final circuit design and layout. Our development platforms enable the rapid development of a working prototype with the sound quality of the end product. The entire electronics can be housed inside a sleek sound bar with a simple redesign.

Fig. 1 FPGA Board

FPGA Board

Figure 1 is a photo of our FPGA Signal Processing PCB. It has 8 analog inputs and 4 I2S stereo inputs, and can be programmed for array configurations with up to 32 speakers. I2C interface is provided for system wide control and configuration.

Fig. 2 16-Channel Digital Power Amplifier Board

Infinate Algorithms Amp Board

Figure 2 is a photo of our 16-Channel Digital Power Amplifier PCB. One or two of these can be connected directly to our FPGA board. Each of the 16 channels has a power output rating of 10 Watts into 4 Ohms with no more than 0.1% THD.

Fig. 3  PC-based System Development Tool Kit

PC-based System Development Tool Kit

Figure 3 is a screen shot of the GUI of our System Development Tool Kit. The software is installed in a PC and commands are sent through a USB dongle that connects to the FPGA board. This tool kit enables a systems engineer to fine-tune the FPGA board settings for each of the 56 BIQUAD parametric EQ filters and the level controls for each of the 8 input channels.

Fig. 4  32-Speaker Linear Array

32-speaker array

Figure 4 shows the 32-speaker array built for use with a 100" 16:9 projection TV. The acoustic design of the speaker system covers the full 80Hz – 20kHz bandwidth of a 7-channel surround sound system, plus a subwoofer for frequencies below 80Hz.

Fig. 5 The installation at HDI-3D 

HDI-3d Installation

Figure 5 shows the 32-speaker array installed with HDI-3D 100" projection TV.

Fig. 6 16-Speaker Array for Home Theater System

16-speaker array for home theater

Figure 6 shows a 16-speaker array that meets the high performance requirements of a high-end home theater system. It employs 16 two-inch speakers with 0.5” spaces between them, for a total width of 42”, which is approximately the width of most 46” LCD TVs. It reproduces a wide bandwidth with flat frequency response and low distortion.

Fig. 7  16-Speaker Array with 2" speakers (top view)

Home theater speaker array

Fig. 8 16-Speaker Array (front View)

top view

Fig. 9  Compact 8-Speaker Array with 1" speakers (front view)

8-speaker array

Fig. 10 Compact 8-Speaker Array (side view)

8-speaker array sideview

3D-FYE chip solutions

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Integrated 3D-FYE Chip Solutions Enable Rapid, Robust Development